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Our organization’s name comes from the Sanskrit expression Manasvani, which means “Goddess Durga,” as well as “strength” and “power.” It is derived from my name, Mansi, which means “voice of a woman’s heart” and “proud.” We take pride in providing excellent and comprehensive yoga instruction to assist children and youth throughout the country in deepening their practice. We believe that yoga should be adopted as a lifestyle to achieve the perfect state of mind and body, rather than simply used as a treatment.

India has contributed two valuable gifts to the world, namely Yoga and Ayurveda. It is important to understand that mental health is crucial for survival during these times. To cope with the increasing levels of stress and depression, we must lead a healthy lifestyle, stay connected with our loved ones, and practice yoga at home. In such difficult times, having a strong immune system and sound mental health is crucial in overcoming any challenges we may face.

We are providing underprivileged members of society with affordable and accessible holistic yoga practices and awareness to strengthen their immunity against COVID-19. Our approach combines traditional knowledge with evidence-based practices and aims to bring about a positive change in our community.

Our Story

Yoga school teachings, philosophies, and practices have influenced modern yoga, which includes various techniques such as postures (asanas) and meditation. These techniques are designed to create an overall balance of body, mind, and spirit. At Manasvani, we believe in taking a holistic approach to well-being. We are committed to providing quality and comprehensive yoga instruction that helps children and youth throughout the country deepen their practice and find inner strength, stability, and freedom.

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Our Objectives

Performing preventive health programs, Managing health finance, and administration, concerning global health issues.

Our primary goal is to support the health system by providing various services and advocating for better health initiatives. Our services include medical, social, and psychological support, as well as assistance with integration, caregiving, financial aid, education, information, and training. Health advocacy involves taking individual and group actions to secure political, policy, social, and systems support for specific health programs and goals.

Thank you for considering supporting and collaborating with us to help our communities. Our focus groups include underprivileged members of society, such as children, women, frontline health workers, and yoga professionals. We appreciate your support in helping us foster safe, accessible, and equitable yoga education.

Our Mission

Our mission at Manasvani Yoga is to inspire and empower individuals on their journey towards holistic well-being and self-discovery. We are dedicated to sharing the transformative power of yoga and mindfulness, guiding our students to cultivate a deep connection between their mind, body, and soul. Through personalized instruction, compassionate support, and a nurturing environment, we aim to foster a positive and transformative experience that enables individuals to lead balanced, purposeful, and joyful lives.

Our Vision

At Manasvani Yoga, our vision is to create a global community of empowered individuals who embrace the practice of yoga as a way of life. We envision a world where people from all walks of life experience the profound benefits of yoga, finding inner peace, physical vitality, and emotional harmony. Through continuous innovation, collaboration, and dedication to our students’ well-being, we strive to be recognized as a leading center for authentic yoga teachings and mindfulness practices. Our ultimate vision is to contribute to a more compassionate, connected, and harmonious world, one yogi at a time.

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