Mansi Gulati, AN INTERNATIONAL Yogi, Author and A Thought Leader

Mansi Gulati, AN INTERNATIONAL Yogi, Author and A Thought Leader devoted her efforts to learn everything possible about yoga practices and philosophy from as many learning sources she could find. She has over 25 years of experience in yoga. She has many international and national certifications to her credit. She has written several articles and books, which are based upon the premise and philosophy that yoga can benefit all body types through a series of Asanas.

Mansi has conducted Yoga sessions and camps in nearly all states including- the Vice President House of India and 28 Governor Houses in all states, various Embassies , Prison homes , Schools, Universities and mega events like the Kumbh with yoga stalwarts like Yoga guru Baba Ramdev . The attendees of her yoga sessions are as myriad as national and international dignitaries, famous personalities, leaders and students.

Taking Yoga a step further, she has held sessions for prison inmates at all major prisons and correctional centers as a life-transformation process. Since then, she has dedicated her life to building a worldwide community. Built on the pillars of authenticity, accessibility and modernity, with the aim to drive a cultural change in the society, Mansi wants to create an university of ancient culture activities, to combat global epidemics like stress, anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, and obesity.


Clear Mind & Body

Modern yoga consists of a range of techniques including asanas (postures) and meditation derived from some of the philosophies, teachings and practices of the Yoga school.

Some versions of modern yoga contain reworkings of the ancient spiritual tradition, and practices vary from wholly secular, for exercise and relaxation, through.

Our Mission

Lately one of books written by her was released in Jan 2018 by Shri M Venkiah Naidu, The Hon’ble Vice President of India And popular book Miracles of face yoga is available in all digital platform.

She is very popular and most sought-after Yoga Expert by the Indian parliamentarians. She has conducted several sessions for Members of Parliament of both the Houses, who have always been in attendance with infectious enthusiasm.

Mansi Gulati has pioneered and actively campaigned for the novel concept of ‘Face Yoga’.

She champions this concept as a natural exercise for the facial muscles and upper shoulders in addition to various other yoga exercises. Yoga helps in building our concentration level and teaches an individual to achieve a calm and robust mind. Thus, channelizing energy throughout the mind, body and soul.

Miracles of Face Yoga

Mansi Gulati presented her latest book on face yoga ‘Miracles of Face Yoga’ to honourable governor of Telengana to Dr Tamilsai Soundryarajan at Rajbhawan, honourable governor has shared her on Social media account as ‘The importance of yoga in modern life is abundant’

Mansi Gulati, an International Yoga exponent have performed Yoga in all the States mostly in 28 Governor Houses, and Vice president house of India, Embassies, Jails, Schools, Universities including Kumbh with Baba Ramdevji and Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji besides various other Gurus.

Besides this, I have written a number of books and my last two books ( 18th, 17th book) were released by Shri M Venkiah Naiduji, Hon’ble Vice President of India and Shri Ram Naikji, Hon’ble Governor of UP respectively.

Face Yoga’ has come out at an appropriate time when the world is anxiously looking up for solutions to improve immunity and evolve a holistic lifestyle.


The book ‘Face Yoga’ is a comprehensive work on face yoga written in lucid simple language which can be easily understood by beginners and practitioners alike. Mansi is an acclaimed Yoga practitioner herself and has therefore written the book from a user’s perspective. Photographs and illustrations have further enhanced comprehension, assimilation and understanding of the book by the reader.

I am sure the book on ‘Face yoga’ will benefit large sections of society and will be welcomed by one and all.

This book introduces the concept of ‘face yoga’, a natural exercise for the face in addition to various other yoga exercises. Facial yoga can also help you relax and rejuvenate your body. The face yoga ‘as an as’ release stress and tension from the face and neck. They will also make us more aware of our facial muscles so that we can relax them within seconds that indirectly helps to tighten our skin. Moreover, yoga helps in building concentration level and teaches an individual to achieve a calm mind, thus channelizing energy throughout the body. ‘Face yoga’ is a comprehensive work on facial exercises written in lucid simple language which can be easily be understood by a beginner to an eminent practitioner. The large number of photographs enable better comprehension, easy assimilation and understanding. The author offers a complete face yoga programmable for beauty and General health as well as pose sequences that address specific health problems, and General well being too. The chapters have been well thought of and the book makes an interesting reading. This book is not only inspirational you to ‘just follow it and do it’—but it also gives pragmatic instructions needed to put things in the right perspective. An engaging and must read book.

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